About Dorothy

Hello! My name is Dorothy, and I am a cosplayer! But I’m sure you already knew that.

I went to my first con in 2009 with a friend from marching band. That con was Otafest. It was the first time in my life that I saw so many people who were just as weird as me in one place! I loved every minute of it. And the costumes!? Sign me up! I had always loved costuming – halloween was ALWAYS my favorite holiday. I had made a few simple halloween costumes before from scratch, so it wasn’t such a huge step for me to get into cosplay. It wouldn’t be until Otafest 2011 where I unveiled my first cosplay, Chell from Portal!

Me in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. 2016


I made a ton of mistakes on that costume – I had to carry around a huge bag full of repair supplies just to have the portal gun available for photos. It was breaking every 2 minutes or so. On some photos, you can still see me holding the pieces together. But I learned! I have made many mistakes over the years, and I have learned from each one. My passion in cosplay is constantly challenging myself to be better. I will spend hours playing with small scale samples and new materials to figure out how they work. I will challenge myself to new techniques with every build. And I LOVE to compete in competitions! I feel like competitions are constantly challenging me to do better. I also love to be in the competition to talk to all the people and have a better connection with the community. Oh, and being on stage is fun! I maaaayyyy be a slight attention hog.

I created this website to have a central hub for all of my various adventures and misadventures. Until now I have been spread out all over the web, on several social media accounts, and generally in an incohesive mess. This website gives me an opportunity to release regular content to a wider audience and keep it all easily organized. This is my first time making a website, so bear with me, I still have some things to figure out! I hope you will join me for this adventure!

Outside of cosplay, I have many other hobbies. I love to play video games, I love to travel, and I love animals. My love for video games tends to directly fuel my cosplay life, and I will likely be incorporating live gaming streams into my schedule very soon. Travel is something I’ve done since I was a kid – I love it. I want to see the whole world! Luckily for me, my mother loves to travel too – and considers me the best travel buddy. So I get to see the world despite my broke college student status. I want to seeĀ all of it some day. And as for animals? I love them all! I have two fluffy huskies at home and they are my babies. I couldn’t imagine life without them! My dogs are as big a part of me as my cosplay work is. Many people don’t even know me as that girl who cosplays – they know me as the girl who is obsessed with her huskies!

Huskies! Left: Caribou, Right: Checka.