leafeon cosplay

Character: Leafeon

From: Pokemon

Made in: 2015

Status: Complete

Wins:   Best Master – Sakuracon Masquerade 2015

Best Hall Cosplay – A-Kon 2015

Most Innovative Costume – David C. Copley Center for Costume Design at UCLA – San Diego Comic Con 2015

Notes: This costume started as a school project for my costume history class. The project was our final semester project for which we could choose our medium, so long as we could show what we learned in the course and that we can do independent research. I chose to recreate a historical garment using historical materials and techniques. For school, I only managed to finish the jacket and the shirt – and got the highest mark in my class for it. Later on, I proceeded to complete the rest of the dress. I decided on a whim to make this into a leafeon costume, as I had been looking to do Pokemon gijinkas for quite some time. I was so in love with the final product, that I decided I was going to do the rest of the eeveelutions as historical dresses as well. Full write up about the construction of this costume coming soon!

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