Lady Loki

loki cosplay

Character: Loki

From: Marvel Comics

Made in: 2016

Status: Complete

Wins: None

Notes: When it was announced that Stan Lee would no longer be visiting Canada, the first thing my mom did was go and buy me a photo op with him as a gift since I had never met him before. Armed with a new photo op ticket, I began thinking about making a costume from a character that Stan Lee had created. I ended up choosing Loki – as I love Loki as a character and had been considering him for a while. I chose to do the traditional Lady Loki version after much debate. I also dragged my friend Jackie Thrift into this with me – and made her make a Thor costume in 2 months. I then proceeded to drag her into a master level competition with me. Write up on how it was made coming soon!

Thor by Jackie Thrift

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